Video & Art Direction, Design

MuSiz emphasises lyrical, musical and creative prowess. So I was pretty excited to work on a music video together.




Vocals: MūSiz (www.musiz.space.com)

Beat: Present (www.blackatoms.bandcamp.com)

Concept: Me We (www.me-we.be)

(Art) Direction: Me We & MūSiz

Production: Me We

Graphic Design: Me We

Typography: Tomáš Brousil (www.suitcasetype.com)

Camera: Oligar Da Paz (www.oligardapaz.com) & Me We

Lighting: Cye Wong-Loi-Sing for Brand New Guys (www.brandnewguys.co)

Edit: Oligar Da Paz (www.oligardapaz.com) & Me We

Animation: Felix Spanjaard (www.ditisnonsens.nl)