Logotype for Gym box Elevator. The V and the A symbolize the up and down buttons of and elevator. Also coined the subtext "Next Level Workouts".

Along with the design, I wrote the the 12 point manifesto, so that every new member gets acquainted with Elevator's ambiance.


  1   Arriving on time is the first exercise

  2   Check your ego at the door

  3   Always greet new members

  4   Drink plenty of water

  5   Inhale through the nose

  6   Exhale through the mouth

  7   Repeat step 5 and 6, forever

  8   Don't sweat the sweat

  9   Don't worry about perfection or failure,  both don't exist

10   Don't worry about looks, effort is always a good look

11   This is your gym, too. Take Ownership!

But! Most of all,

12   Have fun and take it to the next level!